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DARTMOOR Attractions

Exploring Dartmoor Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Nearby Dartmoor National Park in Devon is one of the most special, undistrubed, natural areas of the UK. It offers you 365 square miles to explore. We've listed a few of our favourites together with several additional links for further information

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon picture of cream tea on table at Two Bridges hotel Dartmoor

Two Bridges Hotel

The place on Dartmoor for your Devon Cream Tea!. Extremely dog friendly, Perfect whatever the weather. Sit outside and admire your view or cosy up next to the fire....

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon coutryside river in Lydford Gorge Dartmoor with steps up alongside Gorge.png

Lydford Gorge

A 'mysterious' woodland area, filled with streams and waterfalls. Nature trails and kids play areas. Note, some of the paths are more suited to older children.

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon  olde worlde trees in Wistmans Wood Dartmoor

Wistmans' Wood

One of only 3 oak woods on Dartmoor. An important site for mosses and lycens. Legend has it that Wistman's Wood is a sacred grove of the Druids. The tangled woodland looks like something out of a fairy tale....

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon lake in old Foggintor Quarry for swimminguary.jpg

Froggintor Quarry

If you fancy a wild swim, you'll love this place.  Of course, you'll need to be careful as it is a rough, natural place with rocks. Located on a flat, deslotaed part of Dartmoor. you'll have a quiet, calm, secluded oasis... 

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon old stone clapper bridge over river at Postbridge Dartmoor

Postbridge Clapper Bridge

This is one of the best preserved 'clapper bridges' in the country. It's thought to date back to medieval times. The bridge has two central piers spanned by three large granite slabs, or clappers.

Beara Lodge Glamping Devon water fall at Venford Falls Dartmoor

Venford Falls

Hidden in southern Dartmoor, are the beautiful Venford Falls. They're quite hard to find, but well worth the visit.

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